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Schaix House

The House founded in 1986, is located Place de la Concorde at 6 Rue Saint-Florentin Paris 1er.


Known and recognized in the Fashion and Luxury world for over thirty years, Erik Schaix, passionate about gemology since his childhood, decided fifteen years ago to open a department and a jewelry workshop in his Parisian offices.


Today, Erik Schaix has just published a 300-page book entitled “Jewels of a Couturier”, which recounts his fifteen years of creations, prefaced by the Empress of Iran, Farah Diba-Pahlavi.

Erik Schaix, the colorist of the precious; 

This man is much more than a jewels man, he is a collector, a researcher and a multicolor gems finder which unusual shapes and such poetic names seem to come from cosmos. You will discover them over the pages of this great book ” .

Jean-Norbert Salit



The Designer

As a fashion and jewels designer, gemstones and art collector, sponsor, events producer and trends initiator, Erik Schaix above all attempts to transmit his vision of beauty and luxury in all its forms.


Passionate about gemology, Erik Schaix plays with colors and transparencies of stones and pearls by transforming them into unique jewelry.
“Stones are like women, their multiple facets inspire me. I work with a wealth of gems even if I end choosing only one. I feel I need to have the choice…”


“When I was a child, I dreamed of pearls. They still attract me. They flatter women so much and know no equal among minerals, they suit every skin color. They can come from the East, Asia, the south sea warm waters, this charming formation is a true invitation to poetry”. 


In 2016, Erik Schaix decided to create an e-commerce wesite for all budgets, which he called “Unique by Schaix” in order to promote luxury, quality and exclusivity.


“When a piece leaves the workshop, it must suit me. It might not be perfect but this is what will make the difference with High-end jewellery. Charm often stems from imperfection, just like a frost, an inclusion or a different shade in the gem…”

Erik Schaix