The Schaix Fashion House

The brand was created in 1986 and settled at the prestigious address: 6 Rue Saint-Florentin, near the famous Place de la Concorde in the heart of Paris.


Well known in the Fashion and Luxury field for more then 30 years, Erik Schaix, gemology enthusiast from his youngest age, opened 15 years ago a fine jewellery department in his shop.


He recently published a book titled “Bijoux d’un couturier” edited by “Editions du Leopard d’Or” and prefaced by Farah Diba-Pahlavi, Empress of Iran.
The book goes over his 15 years of jewellery creations and it can be purchased in the best Parisian libraries and on Amazon.


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The creator

Creator of dresses and jewels, gemstone and art collector, philanthropist, event producer and initiator of trends.
Erik Schaix attempts above all to pass on the spirit of beauty and luxury in all their forms.


For him, what is most important is the will to undertake and overcome all that may hamper creation. He is a jack-of-all-trades, with talent and insolence, who does not care what others might think. When someone told Jean Cocteau that he was a jack-of-all-trades, he would answer: “it would be more appropriate to say that everything moves me! ». For Erik Schaix, no limitation is acceptable when dealing with art and he ties, day after day, to enter into a ‘terra incognito’, a land to discover, explore and clear according to his fancy and creative whim.

Gemology enthusiast Erik Schaix keeps playing with subtlety with colors and transparencies by setting his jewels by gems of multiple aspects. “Stones are just like women, their multiple facets inspire me. I work with a profusion of gemstones in front of me, even if at the end I’ll keep only one of them ”


Expert of pearls of any origins, he uses them in order to sublimates women: “As a child, I dreamed about pearls. I’ve always been attracted to them. It is the most beautiful ornament for a woman, with no equal among all minerals, they go perfectly with all skin colors. From Asia, from the south sea or freshwater pearls, there’s lots of poetry and magic on them.
A year ago, Erik Schaix decided to create an e-commerce website called ‘Unique by Schaix’ in order to make luxury, quality and exclusivity affordable for everyone.


“A finished jewel who goes out of the workshop has to suit me. it will may not be perfect, but that’s what will make it unique. The charm often came from imperfections, just like a hoarfrost, an inclusion or a shadow of color in a gemstone “.


Browsing the website you can also ask for a customized creation at a unique and affordable price.


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