Today, the San Carlos & Arizona reserve produces 90% of the peridots.

With a very similar structure, the rarest peridots are called pallasites and come from meteorites. These are the only extraterrestrial gemstones known to man.

The most imposing peridot ever carved weighs 319 carats!

The peridot is the birthstone of August.

The peridot is traditionally related to 16th wedding anniversary.


History of Peridot:

The first deposits of peridot was originated on the island of Zabargad, located 80km from the Egyptian coast.

The name of this stone comes from the Arabic “Faridat” which means “precious stone” as well as from the word “Olivine” from the Latin “Olives” for its olive color.

At the time, the peridot was known and very appreciated by the Egyptians who named it “Stone of the sun”. Because of its brilliance, the peridot has always enjoyed a mystical reputation linked to the concept of light.


Its properties: Confidence & Balance

The peridot brings confidence, balance and assurance. It eases stress as well as anger and eases jealousy. Wearing a peridot can attract love at first sight.


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